Tuesday, May 20, 2014


     Project Lifesaver is a radio transmission system designed to assist law enforcement and emergency services operations in locating lost or missing persons who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia, or other disorders that keep them from being able to help themselves or communicate effectively with others.  The program is designed to assist these adults and children who may wander away from home and get lost.

     The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office has several members that are trained in the use and application of the radio transmission equipment.  It is the Sheriff’s belief that this is a service that should be provided to county residents that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia or down syndrome as just a few examples.  The Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the Office on Aging to provide this service. 

     Citizens enrolled in Project Lifesaver wear a small watch size transmitter either on their wrist or ankle that emits a tracking signal.  If a member enrolled in the system goes missing this will allow for a trained member to respond immediately and start searching the area to bring the loved one back home to his or her family safely.  There is an average recovery time of 30 minutes or less from the time that law enforcement responds and the missing person is located.  Often times the missing person is within a few miles of their home. 

      If you know of a friend or family member who would benefit from this program please contact:

Sgt. Michael P. Bomgardner;  e-mail: catteam@co.cal.md.us
Calvert County Sheriff’s Office / Community Action Team
30 Church St., Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Sheriff’s Office: 410-535-2800 Island Creek Office: 410-586-1027


Tunya  Taylor; e-mail: taylortm@co.cal.md.us
Calvert County Office on Aging / Calvert Pines
450 West Dares Beach Road., Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Local: 410-535-4606 Metro: 301-855-1170 Fax: 410-535-1903