Monday, May 12, 2014


     The Calvert County Sheriff's Office completed several traffic safety operations during the month of April that specifically targeted distracted driving.  The Sheriff's Office secured additional overtime funding from the Maryland Highway Safety Office for the month of April.  This funding was crucial for the Sheriff's Office to be able to have deputies working to reduce distracted driving related crashes in lieu of using on-duty deputies who had various other responsiblities. Distracted driving accounts for 69% of Calvert County’s serious injury crashes and 50% of Calvert County fatal crashes.  The month of April is one of Calvert County’s peak months for distracted driving crashes.

     The Sheriff's Office conducted 4 initiatives.  As a result of the initiatives a total of 152 vehicles were stopped, 131 citations were issued (a large portion were cell phone, texting or seatbelt violations), 47 warnings and 2 arrests were made for violations of the State DUI laws. 

     The initiatives were supported by personnel from the Community Action Team as well as the Patrol Bureau.