Wednesday, March 4, 2015


On March 3, 2015 at approximately 7:00p.m., deputies responded to the Prince Frederick Walmart for the report of an assault in progress.  A black male reportedly pulled a knife and chased a female acquaintance into the Walmart store.  Once in the store the subject was pushing employees and customers causing at least one subject to fall to the ground.  Detective Wells was the first deputy on scene and apprehended the subject upon his arrival with the assistance of an off duty law enforcement officer from another jurisdiction. Once the suspect was in custody deputies obtained written statements from numerous patrons and employees that corroborated the alleged actions of the suspect.  One customer advised she saw what was going on and attempted to leave the store with her small child when the man approached her, began cursing her and pushed her across the floor.  A store employee stepped between the suspect and a patron he was trying to go after. The suspect threw a cart at the employee which struck her hand.  The suspect was believed to be under the influence of alcohol.

Deputy Rector was awaiting the arrival of a jail van for transport when the subject kicked Deputy Rector in the shin.  When Deputy Rector searched the suspect he located the knife that was used in the assault against the initial victim in the suspect’s left coat pocket.  The suspect was identified as Andre Devon Dickens, 31, of Lexington Park.  Dickens was arrested for first degree assault with a knife, three counts of second degree assault, disorderly conduct, and second degree assault on a law enforcement officer.