Monday, August 24, 2015


The men and women of Squad Two of the Patrol Bureau of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office want to remind everyone that school is about to start.  Please drive carefully and use extra caution. Also be aware of school buses and children at bus stops.  Slow down for school zones and be mindful of extra traffic that is created around schools. 

Please remember that the use of cell phones to include texting or talking is illegal and dangerous without a hands free device.  Parents, please talk to your teenage drivers and educate them on the new laws.  A safe driver starts with a good conversation at home telling them exactly what is expected to be safe and smart.  We want everyone to start the school year off right and have a safe return from the summer.

As always, deputies from the Patrol Bureau will be in the area of local schools to enforce the traffic laws and as a friendly reminder that the new school year is in session. We want to wish everyone a safe and healthy year.