Tuesday, April 28, 2015


On April 25, 2015 at approximately 0245 hours, the Calvert County Control Center received a 911 call from Jeffrey Gardiner who stated he was on his way to Calvert Memorial Hospital with his wife Amber, who was 40 weeks pregnant and currently in active labor. Dispatcher Crystal Klinedinst was on the phone with Mr. Gardiner and she continued to instruct him to pull over so police and EMS providers could respond to their location and assist them.

Mr. Gardiner finally stopped on Thoroughbred Drive off of Hallowing Point Road, Prince Frederick, Calvert County, Maryland.  Cpl. Basham located them there and began to assist Mrs. Gardiner with the delivery. A short time later, Dfc. Tomlinson arrived on the scene to assist Cpl. Basham. Cpl. Basham was able to assist Mrs. Gardiner with a partial delivery.

Upon the arrival of Dfc. Locke, Cpl. Basham was supporting the infant child’s head which was exposed and Mrs. Gardiner was between contractions. Dfc. Locke assumed care of Mrs. Gardiner and repositioned her legs so she could effectively push during her next contraction while Dfc. Locke supported the child’s head. Dfc. Tomlinson held Mr. Gardiner’s phone, which was on speaker, while Dispatcher Klinedinst provided emergency child birth instructions.  Mrs. Gardiner then began to have another contraction and Dfc. Locke instructed her to push as he supported the baby’s head and assisted him with his exit.

At 0248 hours, Aden Gardiner was born.  Dfc. Locke quickly assessed him and wrapped him in a blanket because of the low temperature. Dfc. Locke cleaned baby Aden's mouth and nose to insure a clean airway as Dfc. Locke held him on his side.  Dfc. Locke also rubbed his back and chest to stimulate him and cause him to cry, which he did. While treating baby Aden and Mrs. Gardiner, Dfc. Locke requested for Sgt. Hollinger to retrieve his medical bag from his patrol vehicle and he was able to provide Dfc. Locke with some of the necessary medical equipment that he needed.

A short time later, Dena Marseglia arrived on the scene.  She advised that she was a Labor and Delivery Nurse at Civista Hospital, as well as an EMS provider with the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire and EMS Department, Company 6.  She happened to be in the area when she heard the call over her scanner.  She had the proper medical equipment necessary for clamping the umbilical cord which she provided Dfc. Locke with and he promptly did.  At Dfc. Locke’s suggestion, the cord was cut by Mr. Gardiner.  Ms. Marseglia then assisted Dfc. Locke with the care of Mrs. Gardiner by delivering the placenta and assessed Mrs. Gardiner and Baby Aden. 

An ambulance from Prince Frederick Rescue Squad, Company 4, later arrived and transported Mrs. Gardiner and baby Aden safely to Calvert Memorial Hospital.